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5 Things You Need to Know About Sandwich Platters for Lunch Catering

From a company lunch to a family baby shower or special gathering, there are plenty of instances when you might find yourself searching “catering platters near me” and feeling a little unsure how to decide which sandwich platter and catering company has what it takes to make your lunch event run smoothly.

Sandwich Platters for Lunch Catering - Cafe Gusto Gourmet Sandwich Catering - Sydney - Botany

Let’s go over five of the key points that you need to consider when you are planning a catering event in Sydney.

1. Order Sandwich Platters for Delivery Online

You’re a little time poor, you have lots to do and organise. One of the biggest shifts that happened in the food industry is online ordering and food delivery services. Now more than ever you can order almost any meal from any café, restaurant, bar, and catering company easily and quickly online.

Cafe Gusto has a user-friendly, easy to understand online ordering page that allows you to browse their extensive range of gourmet sandwich platters and conveniently add special order details as well as find resources to help you with your sandwich platter tray order online. In addition to customer convenience, in-person and online ordering demonstrates versatility and knowledge about the changing demands in the food industry, both of which can make all the difference if you’ve got a large, or complicated order.

Before driving all over Sydney in search of a catering company that offers gourmet sandwiches and platter trays, take a look at your options online and potentially save yourself a lot of time and energy in the process.

2. Order From Your Local Gourmet Sandwich Shop in Botany

While having the best sandwich platters at your lunch will certainly make you popular, it’s important to make sure that people have the space to enjoy the catering that you’ve provided and most importantly, your catering sandwich platters and trays are fresh and delicious. If you are hosting your event within the local Sydney metro area, then make sure you choose a local sandwich catering company to order from. However, if you are looking for a venue to host your event, you’ll find some cafes are able to provide a venue in addition to the gourmet sandwiches and wraps catering.

With one venue available, Cafe Gusto can provide that perfect space for your lunch event. We can manage more than 200 vehicles, and space with beautiful, natural lighting that will help everyone feel welcome and relaxed. As with any venue, the safest bet is to schedule your event in advance to secure the date that you want. Best of all, your sandwiches platters and lunch catering will be made on site, so freshness is never compromised.

Sandwich Platters for Lunch Catering - Individual Lunch Box Catering - Gourmet Wraps and Sandwiches - Sydney - Cafe Gusto

3. Include Dietary Restrictions in Your Order

Everyone is different and when you are hosting a lunch event and need catering platters of sandwiches and wraps, you need to consider a range of menu options to meet the needs of people’s dietary restrictions. Unlike other sandwich shops, Cafe Gusto, located in Botany, NSW (Sydney) can prepare your order of vegan sandwich platters, gourmet wraps, gluten free sandwiches and more. When placing your catering order, you should include these dietary requirements and options to ensure everyone at your lunch event can enjoy the delicious flavours these gourmet sandwiches and wraps offer. If you have other specific requirements, speak with the catering team at Café Gusto to discuss more options for your sandwich platter tray selections.

4. Next Day Delivery for Sandwich Catering Platters in Sydney and Botany

One of the facts that many people forget or aren’t aware of is next day delivery options. Having a headcount is ideal, but even with a decent estimate, Cafe Gusto can get you great catering when you’re short on time. We offer ready-made sandwich platters with next day delivery on orders placed before 2PM, pretty impressive right?

5. Don’t Forget About You!

Finally, and this may be the hardest of the bunch, but – brace yourselves – Don’t. Forget. About. You.! Wondering, searching, worrying, “where, or even, how do I find the best place for sandwiches near me” is hard work. One of the most important parts of our job is helping you create the perfect lunch event with gourmet sandwiches and wraps your guests will love.

Consider this, have you ever tasted food from the shop you want to cater through? Stop by Café Gusto in Botany today and taste for yourself. With many different gourmet sandwich options, you can get a delicious meal and a sample of our catering work at the same time.

If you’ve been tasked with planning the catering for an upcoming lunch, but you aren’t sure how to get started, take a deep breath, and breathe a sigh of relief. From the venue to dietary restrictions to time for lunch, Cafe Gusto has you covered with the best sandwiches in Sydney. Visit our café in Botany today and try and taste our range of gourmet sandwiches and delicious gourmet wraps – you will love every bite!

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